Mt. Zion World Outreach Ministry
To fulfill God’s call to go out into the hedges and highways and compel men and women to come in that God’s house may be filled. The vision, in accordance with the vision shared by the pastor, is to have a church not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and willing to tell others about the grace and mercy of God, to reach all those who are lost, and without a biblical knowledge of Christ. To share the good news that Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, is willing to save, to deliver and to heal and forgive everyone who comes to Him in faith.
Men of Zion Men’s Ministry
Purpose: To bring all men to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through God’s plan for salvation; through instruction of God’s Word.Vision: Reaching lost men and leading them into the Kingdom of God. Helping all men everywhere to recognize that they have something to offer their families, church and community.To assist men in learning who they are in Christ so that they come up to the full measure and stature of Christ; so that they may be able to take their place as the head of the family as a husband, Father, Priest.

(1) God’s Word
(2) Men
(3) Training and Fellowship

Women of Influence
Purpose: To bring women to a place in Christ to trust one another and lover each other as sisters and daughters in Christ. To be fully developed as a Mother, Sister or Wife and to be all that she can be in Christ Jesus. To restore women to the place of dignity and moral character that God designed.

Vision: To effectively reach women and girls of all races, creed and colors, and show the love of Christ.Extension to this

(1) Mt. Zion Women of Influence
(2) The Mt. Zion Mother’s Board

Good-News Sign Ministry
God created the deaf (Exodus 4:11)
Jesus performed miracles and ministered to the deaf (Mark 7:32, 37 * Mark 9:32)

Purpose: To effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the deaf and hard of hearing people via American Sign Language (ASL). This ministry operates under the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit and Shepherdship of our Pastor, in line with an according to the Word of God and the vision God has given the Pastor for this Ministry. It functions within the church body’s internal structure as part of the “Whole Family” Ministries.

Vision: To grow as a vital part of the Mt. Zion evangelist strategy by providing the gospel through sign language, assistive listening devices, visual aids and computer note taking technology for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Components: At least one member from each ministry is encouraged to be a part of the Good-News Sign Ministry.

Communications & Media Ministry
The members of this ministry report directly to the Pastor and assists in all/any aspect of the Church’s communications and advertisement endeavors both internal and external of the church.

The Primary Components of this Ministry are as follows:
Marketing & Advertising
Public Relations
Media (Literary, Video, Audio, etc.)
Publications (Internal/External)

The responsibilities of each member of this ministry may overlap at any given time, as deemed necessary by the Pastor. The members of this Ministry are to work closely as a team in efforts to make sure that all aspects of communication within and outside of the Ministry are handled appropriately and in accordance to the vision of the house as directed by the Pastor, and the member appointed to assist the Pastor in directorship of this ministry. This ministry is to be an example in projecting a spirit of excellence at the forefront of every form of communication published or announced within or outside of the Ministry.

Extensions to this ministry are as follows:
Administrative Staff/Office
Tape Ministry (Resource Center- Bookstore)

Resource Center Ministry
(CDs – Books – DVDs – Educ. Materials, etc.)

Purpose: To provide a central location for purchasing tapes, videos, books education materials and other items of spiritual and motivational nature.

Vision: The same as that of the Pastor’s in reference to evangelism through media (Tapes- Books- Videos- Educ. Materials, etc.).

Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Purpose: To intercede for the Pastor and the ministry; that God’s Word may have free course in the lives of God’s people.

Vision: To be a people that know the power of prayer and are willing to lay down their lives for the Brothern through prayer and intercession int eh power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry
Purpose: To provide financial, moral and ministerial support to the Pastor and his spouse. To assist in freeing them for fellowship in God’s Word.

Vision: To be a people that love to honor those whom honor is due. Members of this ministry are willing to submit to those in authority so that God’s order can be maintained and the whole church can be blessed and edified by the presence of Gods.

Primary Responsibility:
(1) Pastoral Support

Extensions to this Ministry:
(1) Special Assistant(s) to the Pastor’s Wife

Music Ministry
Purpose: To provide a spiritual atmosphere through praise and worship that will allow the spirit of God to bless, to save, to heal and restore the people of God.

Vision: To fulfill God’s purpose to let everything that hath breath praise the Lord- through songs and music as we worship God in spirit and truth.

(1) Psalmist (all choir(s) members)
(2) Musicians
(3) Directors

Extensions of this Ministry:
(1) Praise & Worship Teams

Keepers of the Covenant – The Marriage Ministry
Keepers of the Covenant Mission Statement: Understanding that God is constantly at work in our lives and that the devil’s aim is to steal, kill and destroy, we will arm ourselves with the tools and Biblical preparation necessary to have a successful, loving and life-long marriage, while glorifying God together and encouraging those around us.
Singles Ministry
Purpose: To bring in singles who need salvation. To minister love, acceptance, healing and deliverance. To reach, teach, assist and enhance lives. To impact our city through our ministry for singles. To enforce the vision: “Single- But Not Alone”- we are complete in Him.

Vision: To develop and promote a Single-Adult Ministry that will meet the needs of females and males throughout our community; starting within our church. To reach the lost and restore and enhance their fellowship with God. To fulfill the vision through praise, worship, prayer, fellowship, outreach, and the study of God’s Word and how it applies to “singles”.

Ushers Ministry
Purpose: To help minister to those in need while services are going on and follow through even after church, if necessary. Our goal is to be “servants of God” to all who enter through our doors, to make them feel as comfortable as possible. To do whatever it takes within our ministry to fulfill our purpose.

Vision: To follow and put into practice the ministry of this church, inline with the instruction of our Pastor, and to keep and follow his vision and not stray away from it

Extension to this Ministry:
(1) Adult Ushers (Sr. segment of Ministry)
(2) Youth Ushers
(3) Greeters & Parking Attendants

Greeters & Parking Attendant Ministry
Greeters: Are to welcome visitors and members in the church. To give instruction and direction to those in need of Nursery, bathroom, Sunday School class directions or any questions they may ask; and to provide this assistance in a joyful Christ-like manner. To assist the handicap, elderly or any one coming into the church or on the church grounds. Doing the best you can do to make people feel welcome.

Parking Attendants: Are to assist those who need help in parking; those who have need of handicap assistance and cannot walk a long distance- all this must be don in a Christ-like manner.

Transportation Ministry
Purpose: To provide transportation to different ministry programs and services for those that are lacking transportation.

Vison: To have transportation to go anywhere at anytime, without hindrance from lack of limited vehicles or drivers. To be able to effectively go where we need to go to bring other to the place where the gospel is being

Additional Ministries of Mt. Zion World Outreach

Deacons/Deaconesses Ministry
The Deacons will assist the Senior Pastor in being spiritual leaders in the Church. The Deacons shall have the responsibility of assisting the Senior Pastor in the conduct of worship services, the conduct of the spiritual affairs of the church, such as visiting and ministering to members.
The Performing Arts Ministry
The Purpose of the Performing Arts ministry is to give total praise to God as it is stated in the book of Psalm 105:3, “Praise him with the timbrel and dance…” This is a ministry of expression of praise so that the Body of Christ may be edified. The goal of the ministry is to accomplish this by performing and praising God; by ministering to those who are spiritually confined: and by the conviction in our praise expressions.